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“Compost Cuisine”

January 14, 2012

You may have noticed I have a thing for saving money through reducing waste, and this piece gives some unique, classy takes on the genre which Sean Baker, executive chef at Gather, calls “compost cuisine.” While it doesn’t involve eating any actual compost, it does save foods that would otherwise, best case, end up as worm fodder in the backyard heap.

Ideas include baking with soured milk, flavoring baked goods with date pit paste, deep-frying cornsilk to create a garnish(!), and turning carrot shavings and lemon peel into a flavorful ash(!!). As Baker explains it:

When you have high respect for how things are raised and produced, you’re not going to throw any parts of them away if you can help it. If we’re using the whole animal, then why not use cauliflower leaves, carrot peels, corncobs and cornsilk?

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