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Eating on the cheap, part two

December 19, 2011

To follow up on that last post about penny-pinching, here is a round-up of budget-friendly recipes I’ve been meaning to cook. Maybe we can call this round two of that food shopping video game? This is the month of spending money on holiday gifts (and all of the cookies!), so I suspect other people need a collection of simple, staple-ingredient recipes as much as I do. These make it easy to eat well, on a budget, with a conscience.

1. Eggs baked in cream
2. Raw Tuscan kale salad
3. Migas! (for the deprived, migas are a scramble of eggs, beans, jalepeños, onion, and, if you’re doing it right, homemade tortilla chips and spicy tomato sauce. We love it topped with goat cheese)
4. Bouchons au ton (I love tuna. The queen of budget proteins. To make this recipe more budget-friendly,  I suggest subbing cheddar or parmesan for the gruyere)
5. Cabbage with hot sauce (on toast, with an egg)
6. This roasted tomato soup that I’ve been dreaming about for months, inwardly mourning my lack of oven-safe dishes. Until last night, that is, when I realized my stoneware bowls are oven-safe. I feel, uh, slightly more than dumb.
7. Following the oven-safe stoneware lightbulb, I promptly made these caramel pots de crème for dessert. With multiple fancy sugars, it’s not exactly a bargain, unless you’re as lucky as I am, and can buy small amounts of the sugars from the bulk section. In any case, make these. Make them for a splurge night if that’s the case, or make them weekly if you can. They are AMAZING.

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