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Pickled Peppers

December 15, 2011

Am I the last person on the planet to try Mama Lil’s peppers? I think I might be. I kept seeing them in stores, in deli items, on blogs, and thinking “there is no way I am paying $7.99 for a small jar of pickled peppers.” And my local grocery store hot bar started including them in every single item they make, and Lottie and Doof put them in the holiday gift guide and then they started being available in the bulk olive bar. And I have this thing about buying bulk items. It’s not really that much cheaper, especially with premium items, but the fact that I can buy a small amount of them makes me feel like I am getting the best deal ever. So I put a few in a plastic tub, sampled one to make sure I really wanted to buy them, and then I was done for. I ladled more and more into my little tub and, hey, it turns out that I’m not too proud (to use my credit card) to buy $8 worth of peppers after all. And now I’m eating them all the time: on bread, with cheese, straight out of the tub with my fingers. I’m going to have to buy more for the pizza I bought them for in the first place.

If it just so happens that I am the second-to-last person on the planet to try them, and you are that last person: run, do not walk. They are worth every penny. And tomorrow I will write about frugality, and we can cover our frugal meals in pickled peppers. Promise.

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