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October 27, 2011

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to buy the most ideal, tasty, local, sustainably produced food that exists. In reality, barrier after barrier keeps us separated from a more perfect food system. Accessibility, lack of production, budget. Lack of transparency also often keeps well-meaning consumers from buying the quality food they mean to be purchasing: seemingly “natural” companies owned by the same huge corporations that consumers are seeking to avoid, or even when companies switch up their products.

Not all foods are created equally, and that’s certainly true on the supermarket shelves. Several organizations produce guides that grade producers and products, so when you’re lost in the supermarket, or just at a loss, use these to figure out your next purchase.

Seafood: Monterey Bay Aquarium produces what is widely acknowledged as the best seafood guide, period. (They even have an app!)

The Cornucopia Institute produces a number of fantastic producer scorecards, as well as lengthy reports to accompany them: eggs, dairy, and soy.

I’ll be making a page to add guides to, for a quick reference. As guide to guides, you could say.

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